The Crow vs Smokin Joe

I missed the fight. Louiseau apparently didn't look too good. Was he hurt? Reviews appreciated.

Shoot I don't know what to say. I felt bad for The Crow last nite. I don't think he ever got into his groove.


Loiseau came out to me like he was looking to put his striking game together early, but Joey didn't give him a chance, closed distance on him and smothered him, took him down, controlled him, landed some good knees to the body, etc. Loiseau was able to continue to get himself out of the bad spots, and get the fight back onto his feet, only to be taken down right away again. this would happen several times through out the first two rounds, in fact the same scenario really did replay itself over and over with Joey never during the first two rounds giving Loiseau space on his feet, smothering him, and taking him down, taking the first two convincingly.

In the 3rd Joey backed off his smother game and stood with Loiseau, Loiseau went for it, but couldn't make it happen. Loiseau took some risks, opened up, and got caught with a good counter right hand off a leading left hook that dropped him. he was able to recover and get back up and go back at it but he wasn't able to make anything happen.

People say he is a changed fighter since Franklin, but I think thats a load of crap. he lost the fight in the clinch, being unable to stop Joey from taking him down at will in the first two rounds, and thats been a weakness of Loiseaus well before the Franklin fight. Tanner was able to take him down just as easily but I guess Joey's learned a thing from Tanner and didn't allow himself to fall into Loiseau's trap. Joey just had the right recipe to beat him, dont really see why he is having his heart questioned, and people saying "he wasn't there to fight", and "just didn't look like the old crow".

"Does the Crow train wrestling or BJJ? Didn't he switch camps from Lister/Punishment and is now with City Boxing? Very disappointing. He needs to take time off. Can't fault Dana for cutting him."

Lister spends time with city boxing, dont know that David was ever with punishment. On the ground he is fine. he really didn't take any overwhelming punishment and was continuously able to escape bad position's, he just could not prevent being put there. his wrestling needs the most work but has for a while.

GSP mentioned he was unable to help him train because of injury.

I personally think Loiseau would have started out stronger in this one than he did against Swick had he had the space like he did against Swick. Loiseau to me did not sit back off the start, he initiated strikes, and was immediately smothered and could not put it together. Loiseau turning it on in the 3rd again, I believe is only because Joey allowed him space in that round.

Dave really needs to work on wrestling and bjj. That much is very obvious. What got to me was his stand up game. I always liked his standup game, but yesterday was bad. He threw no combos! Always going for the one ko hit.

Anyways, I hope he's ok as that was one tough fight he went through. Villasenor is a great fighter and losing to him is perfectly understandable.

Dave still has a ton of talent, I just wish he'd work his wrestling and bjj more.

He was too static! He didn't move his feet or head during the standup and
wasn't creating angles. That allowed Joe to close the distance. It still
looked like that Franklin fight was in his head, he just didn't have the
confidence to throw.

When the crow got mounted he did his typical give them your back, try
and not get choked, then roll to their guard. Not exactly the best
technique for the ground.

"He was too static! He didn't move his feet or head during the standup and wasn't creating angles. That allowed Joe to close the distance. It still looked like that Franklin fight was in his head"

you could say all that for when he fought Curtis Stout. Was Franklin in his head against Stout? He looked far more willing to engage last night standing than he did against Stout way prior to Franklin. again dont think Franklin has impacted his game the way others seem to.

Too bad his relationship soured with Patry (big surprise), or he could ahve come back to TKO and dominated.

the Crow will fly again!!

TTT for the Crow comeback!