The Cruiserweight Division...

Does anybody think it's time to add a new division?

If you asked me a few years ago when it looked like Lesnar and Carwin were going to rule HW I would say yes. However, the top 2 HW fighters in the world are around 240 LBS.


1) Adding the new division at 225 LBS would create (I Think) potentially the most exciting division in the UFC. Huge 205ers move up, some of the smallish HWs can move down. Big hitters with better cardio.

2) With the UFC running so many events, it would be nice to have an extra Championship fight here and there.

3) A 4 man mini tournament spread out over 3 events to crown a champ.

4) Cormier vs Jones. Champion vs Champion. Superbowl weekend 2015.

On the downside...

1) possible watered down divisions initially.

2) too many belts could make being a champ less of an accomplishment.

3)The #1 heavyweight fighter could possibly rule both divisions if he wanted to. (unless Cormier holds the new title...Belt Buddies!!!!)


I don't think any 205ers would move up. Why go from being one of the biggest guys in your division, to being a small/medium sized guy in a new one? Unless the weight cut to 205 is too difficult, of course. I think you'd end up with the HW division, which is already weak, being split. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think we need any more divisions. It's not like the heavyweight division is stacked.

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Are you mad that he's right...bruh? Phone Post 3.0

Franklinweight needs to happen. Phone Post 3.0

Edgarweight or Florianweight is more likely. Phone Post