The Culture High

This is an excellent documentary on the effects of marijuana prohibition on society. It's by the same people as The Union.

The Union - Business Behind Getting High - 1080p …:

All the same reasons that alcohol prohibition was eventually determined to be a net negative to society hold true for marijuana prohibition.

Also drug treatment and education is a more humane, effective, and cost efficient model for reducing drug abuse than incarceration.

I hope everyone with a chance to do so supports medical marijuana, decriminalization, and legalization of marijuana with their votes tomorrow.

I watched the documentary last night and it's very well researched and produced.

Anyone else seen it or planning to see it? I went ahead and bought it to support the film makers. On vimeo the creators get 90% of the purchase price, so you really show them direct support. Codeword Rogan gives a small discount as well. Phone Post 3.0

Just watched it last night. A little ADD as far as topics go, but it sends a great message.

Hopefully the lazy stoners who don't pay attention to the finer details of cannabis prohibition will watch this to get more up to speed. Phone Post 3.0

That Dr. Mate (I think) sure knew how to phrase things.

It definitely covered a lot of ground and I would have like more detail/depth on a few things, but it's already 2 hours long. It's really eye opening to see how marijuana prohibition has a large influence on so many aspects of life. Phone Post 3.0

I'm currently watching a Ken Burns documentary on prohibition and the net negative you mention really wasn't. Alcoholism and public intoxication did drop alot. The real reason it was repealed is that the state and federal governments got tired of funding its enforcement and wanted the tax revenue from distillers back.

That said, I do support the legalization of marajuana.

I've seen the Ken Burns special.

There were more speak easy's in NYC at that time than there are bars in NYC today.

Also, the huge bootlegging profits leg to well funded and powerful organized crime, corruption of the police force, and grew a lack of respect for the law. All of which is happening with marijuana prohibition. Phone Post 3.0

Also I'll add that the Ken Burns special is awesome I think and recommend that for viewing to anyone. Phone Post 3.0

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