The cut list; who needs a win at UFC 133?

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                                The cut list; who needs a win at UFC 133?

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Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-3, 2 NC, 1-2 UFC)
Who he's fighting: Vitor Belfort

Why he's in danger: Akiyama is one defeat away from the dreaded three-fight losing streak in the UFC, which will usually get you cut faster than signing a deal with Golden Glory (too soon?). He lost a decision to Michael Bisping in October, and before that he was triangled by Chris Leben after one heck of a scrap at UFC 116. That leaves his narrow decision victory over Alan Belcher in his Octagon debut at UFC 100 as his lone victory since bringing his act stateside.

Constantinos Philippou (7-2, 1 NC, 0-1 UFC)
Who he's fighting: Jorge Rivera

Why he's in danger: What's worse than losing your first UFC fight? Following it up with a loss in your second UFC fight. It doesn't help that Philippou first got his name in Dana White's ear when he was selected for TUF 11, but got submitted in his elimination fight by a guy who went on to be a non-factor in the show's competition.

Mike Brown (24-8, 0-3 UFC)
Who he's fighting: Nam Phan

Why he's in danger: As likable a guy as Brownie is (and seriously, he is), the former featherweight champ hasn't won a fight since the UFC absorbed the WEC's little guys. It's not like he's been getting run over by vastly superior competition, either.

Rafael Natal (12-3-1, 0-1-1 UFC)
Who he's fighting: Paul Bradley

Why he's in danger: Natal dropped a decision to Rich Attonito, then fought to a draw with "Water" Bongfeldt (redundant nickname alert). He's not on the verge of a three-fight skid. Not technically, anyway.

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Fucked to see MTB on the chop list - 2 years ago or so he seemed poised to reign on top for awhile.

Akiyama and Brown

Im a big Mike Brown fan, i hope he pulls it off.

Brown's only fought twice in the UFC since it was absorbed I think.

NVM they were counting a much older fight

doesnt it seem a little silly that another fighter on this card could go 1-5-1 in his last 7 fights and not be cut?