The Dark Horse of the PRIDE GP....

I believe that the fighter that was not one of the top 3 (Filipovic, Nogueira and Emelianenko), that had the best chance of winning the PRIDE FC 2004 HEAVYWEIGHT GRAND PRIX is Sergei Kharitonov. He has impressed the hell out of me, none of his fights have gone the distance, he has always finished his opponents. I knew he was good on the ground because he trained in sambo with the Russian Top Team, but his knockout of Murilo Rua proved that he is a good striker as well. I would love to see him fight Nogueira. How do you guys think a fight between him and Fedor would play out being as they are former teamates?


well, to be fair ninja was quite smaller than kharitonov(though beating ninja that soundly is a feat either way)

I am just curious to see how he fairs against the top heavyweigh competition

oh, and sergei over schilt by armbar

I say Semmy after Mino and Fedor.

Semmy is more like a dark giraffe

Damn you TimmyDome you stole my thread.I was just about to write something simular to this.

I think if the cards favor him when it comes to the other matches he'll win.I cant see him beating Nougeria or Randleman.

I think Semmy is more of the "dark horse". I think Kharitonov is actually the 3rd likely to win, behind Fedor and Mino.

I think Mister Ed is the dark horse of the Grand Prix.


Sergei has a shot and I definitly think he will beat Schilt. Being taken down by Fedor might be a problem since he is much smaller.

giant silva!







Semmy will beat Kharitonov without too much trouble.

no way Sergei is the dark horse. That guy needs a tan. Kevin fits the role of the dark horse. Kevin will shock the world again. Plus he doesn't need a tan. Kevin by TKO round1

lol@dark giraffe

I don't think Kharitonov will win, but he'll keep someone from winning. He's CAPABLE of winning, but I think it depends on the match-ups. If either Fedor or Mino has to fight Sergei AND one another they won't win. I can't see anyone being able to stop Sergei and either Mino or Fedor in one night without either a little luck or an injury.