The Darkness

Best band since Led Zeppelin?


I read a lot of good press on those guys and went to see them but they were sold out.

Finally I downloaded a few tunes and wasn't all that impressed. maybe I missed something.

Maybe you missed your ears.

the album Permission To Land is impressive, listen to "Growing On Me" probably my fave track of the year.

I love this record. Brings back the good ole days.

"Get your hands off of my woman, motherfucker!"

The song "I believe in a thing called love" is pretty good.


It's a joke band, right?
Their videos are HILARIOUS!

When he slips into that ridiculous falsetto, I laugh so hard I throw up. And I was almost going to throw up anyway from looking at them.

Pretty well ersatz and not exactly outstanding music.I kind of dig the guitarist and singer,however,the rhythm section must go.IMO,thet are holding the band back from arena rockdumb.

i brought the album cos it was in the sale.

love is only a feeling is brilliant. havent even got to listening to anything else.

I'll have to get back to you on this one. I saw about ten seconds of one of their vids at the store today. Looked pretty funny, I thought it was a Spinal Tap kinda thing, lightning off the drumsticks and all. Sounded OK though.

'love is only a feeling is brilliant.'

Thought I was the only one who liked that song the most. Although 'Givin' Up' gets credit for being a song I hated at first and now think is great.

Its refreshing to see a serious band that dosn't take themselves to seriously.

no u arent the only one, i prefer it to i believe in a thing called love :)

My dad saw them for the first time tonight on TV. He was a little drunk, the singer was wearing some pink striped jumpsuit, dad goes "What the hell's wrong with that little faggot?"

But he thought the music was alright.

I think they're pretty good but I haven't heard much of their stuff.

They suck shit

I've given it a listen......I don't get the hype.

I gave the album a listen last night and it was great....until that guy started singing! He sounds like Bruce Dickenson with his balls in a vice. I couldn't take them seriously after that.

THE Bruce Dickinson.  That's right, cock o' the walk.

My band is going to take a shot at covering "get your hands off my women" but I'm afraid the crowd won't get the joke. Its a bitch for me to sing too.

tj tapper

Should be destroyed

TJ, how are you going to hit those notes?

Maybe you can bring a few helium baloons on stage with you.