The day video games out grew me?

So COD Advanced Warfare just came out and looks great, I love this genera of game.<br /><br />But all this flying around and super fast brain just can't keep up!<br /><br />Dementia setting in? One to many concussions? Or have video games just out grew me?<br /><br />What do you all think of this game? I'll stick to Battlefield 4, a bit more my speed.

Maybe it's just another shitty cod. Its not you. It's the rehashed call of Duty bullshit.

And yes I probably will at least try it. Phone Post 3.0

Just like everything else.....

It'll slow down the more you play it. Phone Post 3.0

I'm with OP.

Shits too fast.

Battlefield games are more my speed...but even in those I can't fly the jets for shit.

They passed me by right before PS3. I have a PS3 but it never gets used. Just collects dust. The only games I play on console are old vintage games. The only modern game I play is Star Wars the Old Republic MMO.

In short, you have outgrown the games.

Just like with other sports, the older you get, the slower you get. Video games are no different. People under 30 will always be faster and have better reflexes.

You guys are tripping bowls Phone Post 3.0

you shouldn't categorize video games in general with fast pace action games. good story based games will always be here like what telltale does and even bioshock/last of us. just set the difficulty on easy lol

shooters used to be fast pace all about having fast twitch skills. then over the years they turned into the slower paces camping games you see most of the time.i personally think it is great cod is trying to return more to the old ways

this game looks to play more like the old unreal tournament that it does cod. to me thats is a great thing. i loved the old school quake 3 and unreal days

Just don't play competitive first person shooters. Or any type of competitive shooter, they are always going to be more fast paced than most other games.

There are thousands upon thousands of good games that don't require fast reflexes. Just choose ones that fit your interests.

maybe twitch reaction shooters are not your thing anymore

there are many other genres to transfer to

racing - plenty of sims out there for pc, if you get a good wheel you will be golden

moba/RTS - dota, LOL (both free and massive player bases)

tanks - world of tanks, war thunder (both free) also Hawken is free but it is a mech game

CS GO - tactical shooter with a slower pace if scrimming



I like battlefield 4 because you can go fast as a soldier or slow it down with vehicles.

Different skill sets are good!

I also think Battlefield is a much more team oriented experience that doesn't require you to have quick reflexes or get lots of kills to be successful and contribute.

You can support your team and man vehicles.

I used to routinely get 1st or 2nd place without getting near the top of the kill charts in BF3. I would capture shit like crazy and get all sorts of points from other things. Very fun when playing in a squat with friends too.

i seem to have outgrown shooters..i loved Call of Duty 4 and played it to death but nothing since then can come close matching just bored with them now..

Borderlands 2 was the last great game i got hooked on..

I gave up on Madden like 10 years ago.

Shit just got too complex for someone like me who only liked playing it occasionally.


I like my xbox one, and do play it a lot, but realized all of the shooters are the same. The platform gaming is geared on a very specific model for a very reliable target audience. After Modern Warefare became a massive success, the gaming industry has essentially made console clones of this. Fast, arcade action, small boxed in levels, pre-determined paths, and tons of "bushes" and "fences" and other barriers you are unable to cross, in order to keep you all in these same "lanes"

Previous to this new trend games like Rainbow 6 were nearly totally open world. You could choose to play the level how ever you wanted. If you wanted to run for 3 city blocks and hide in a train car you could.

This is why I am back to PC gaming for shooters. I just got ARMA 3 and the levels are massive. If you want to run away for miles, camp out in the woods and make the enemy find you, you can do that. No longer are you limited to same stupid level with "warehouses" and "crates" to hide behind.

i gave up on sports games after the Tecmo Bowl games era ended...honestly, once the games became Nba2k or NFL2k that, they became way too complicating for me to play..they just werent fun anymore..

Cod's finally punishing awful players, it's about time Phone Post 3.0

Meh, i haven't played the last few because they just started to bore me.

I can't really justify cussing at 12 year olds anymore.

Anything faster than Golden Eye 007 is too fast for me. Phone Post 3.0