The deadly Jan 6th right wing terrorist attack was premeditated by Trump. Trump assaults Secret Service agent!


I kills me Nytron posts random Twitter posts like news articles. It’s so fucking over the top.

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USA Today embed above isn’t Twitter.

Nor is this Reuters article:

Losers gonna lose! What a great day for non-MAGAts

Welcome to reality, your side is a terrorist organization that committed a deadly terrorist attack on their own nation’s capitol. Every one of you MAGAts should be put on a boat and taken off of continental North America.


Bannon’s own words! Lock the piece of shit in a cage and throw away the key.

It’s sad, really.

The real sad part is that he just copies and pastes anything he sees even if it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

The guy’s on uppers. Probably been tweaked out for years.

You see how he goes on long 36-48hr spurts and then disappears for days? Yeah. That’s the comedown. You do that shit long enough, you basically become manic depressive. As we see here with OP


Lol @ framing Reuters as fake news.

Your side is caught red handed committing terrorism. Period, end of story. Rejecting reality as fake news is all you have left. The previous twitter embed is a video of Bannon’s own words, which is exactly relevant to the topic at hand.

Regarding uppers and the Trump crime family, we covered that in another thread here:

You guys should embed Truth posts instead of Tweets. Oh wait…

How’s the latest batch of meth treating you OP?

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Deflecting the conversation by completely changing the subject!

How salty are your tears? :sob: :rofl:

There are treatment options available.

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Never taken a drug in my life, except weed. Projecting much?

Notice how he can’t address the previous posts objectively. All MAGAts have left is to deny the reality we all know is true and instead label it as fake news.


Read it and weep you delusional fuck. Every source is reporting this, pick your source. Embed a Truth social post on this story please, I’ll wait.

You do know how Twitter works, right? That’s AP News official account. I could also just embed the story from their official site as well:

Let me guess, this is fake news?

Moving past denial is the first step to recovery. You can do this.


Highlight clips:

Why is Truth social banning free speech?

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Crosslinking this thread as the dangerous authoritarian theocrats plan their next takeover attempt in 2024:

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Nope, could never do hard drugs. I have an addictive personality as it is to things like food, lol. I wouldn’t trust myself.

We get it, you like meth. Do another thread about it.

Ms. Matthews… So hot, want to touch the heiny!

Yeah… We know fucking psycho

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This is what patriotism looks like


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