The deal with Rich Franklin?

He's proved he's a very dominant fighter at both Lightheavyweight and now Middleweight. I know he said 185 is his home, but does anyone know if he'll ever reconsider moving back up to 205 after another title defense at 185? I'd love to see him unify the 185 lb belt AND 205 lb belt.

There are a lot of guys for him to fight at 185. He should stay there and try to clean it out IMO.

Hopefully he'll be back by September.

I think Rich could pick Chuck apart though.

Rich and Chuck have very similar styles, Rich may have the edge on cardio.

Both fighters have a killer instinct to finish an opponent, and both smell blood. Anytime they notice the opponent is in trouble, they both move in for the kill.

They both recover well after getting rocked.

I think Rich is more well-rounded.

Lidell fights are hard to pick. If he lands the big right, he wins. If he doesn't, it's a toss-up.

I think Rich could outlast Chuck, especially in a five-round fight, and he could land on him, like Bustamente and Rampage did.