The Denver Broncos!!!!!!

Now that we have found our running game and with our defense do you now feel Denver is a serious contender. We ran on Carolina who is a good defense, and we ran on the almighty Ted Washington and Warren Sapp and Co. this week. Reuben Droughns is showing that he is another TD type back. My question for discussion is do you feel that Denver, with its running game and defense can make a serious Super Bowl run? Keep in mind that over the first 5 games we have the highest offensive/defensive rating. With the # 10 offense (which should sky rocket this week) and the number one ranked defense. I think we have as good as shot as anyone especially with our defense.


I am a big Broncos fan, but the answer to your question is no at this point.

Other than against shitty ass Raiders and no talent KC Chefs, Broncos have barely got W against sub par competition so far. I know it's a bit early to predict superbowl, but there are too many good teams in the league this season.
I predict Pats, Colts, Eagles, and Vikings for championship as of now.

Hopefully, I am wrong and you are right, but only time will tell.

First off you bring up Philly. This makes me so fucking mad. They have played NOBODY, and the teams they do play are mising key starters. Heres your list.

Michael Bennett

The Vikings starting TE

Kevin Jones

Charles Rogers

Brian Urlacher

Whoever the hell the Bears starting QB was

Mike Brown

Charles Tillman

Deshaun Foster

Steve Smith

Kris Jenkins

Michael Rucker

Philly has played nobody either due to the fact the NFC as a division sucks badly. I also have a hard time believing your comment about the Chiefs having no talent. Having the best TE, RB, and one of the most underrated QB's in the game is hardly no talent. Its their defense that can't stop anybody. Reuben Droughns is showing he can run the ball on anybody, and our defense is the best in the NFL only allowing 12 first downs a game. They are a great defense, the best since the Ravens in 2000. They dominate people. I find it hard to believe that anyone can claim that we are not one of the elite teams in the NFL when considering it is no secret that a good defense with a good running game and balanced passing attack wins Super Bowls. If you can consider Philly a top team you watch to much television. Sports Illustrated voted their schedule the easiest in the NFl and EVERY team besides the Giants in the first game of the year they played a team with more than one key player missing, in most cases 3 or more players. TO consider that team elite is simply irresponsible if you do not consider Denver an elite team.


In case you haven't noticed....the Bronco's also have a really soft schedule too, and they've lucked out considering the horrible 3rd down and red zone play....once they figure that shit out, the Bronco's will be pretty much locked in for success in the playoffs.

Philly is the best team in the NFC.

You wanna talk about an overrated team, talk about the Colts and/or the Falcons.

303, I don't know why you have such a hate-on for Philadelphia, but your arguments don't hold up.

Combined record of Denver opponents: 12-21

Combined record of Philadelphia opponents: 13-12

Denver is a very good team. So is Philadelphia.

Here's an article posted by the OUTSTANDING website discussing strength-of-schedule.

(note that it's a week old, so does not include this weeks games)

yeah the eagles are easily the best team in the NFC right now and probably the 5th or 6th best in the NFL.

denver is around 6th or 7th best right now. both are very good even though they haven't beaten anybody at a high level yet.

philadelphia against NYGiants this week should be a good showing on how good the eagles are. especially the way NYGiants are playing right now

philadelphia against NYGiants this week should be a good showing on how good the eagles are. especially the way NYGiants are playing right now

I would agree, except for the fact that the Eagles are playing the Browns this week.

(Eagles/Giants is Nov. 28th)

sorry that's what i meant!

303, you need to sit back and chill.

Incase, you didn't notice my previous post, I also am a big broncos fan. I never said anything about Broncos not being the elite team. I do believe Broncos will win the division and go to playoffs but I am still not sold on Superbowl run yet.

Also, you say Eagles had the easiest schedule, but Broncos really didn't have that tough of schedule either. Considering that Eagles went to 3 straight NFC championship with only true talent in McNabb, you must consider them as heavy favorite to win out the NFC with TO in their roster. Also Eagles beat the Vikings, a team you consider as overrated, but they have a great O-line and offensive arsenals like Moss, Culpepper, etc. You don't need to stress about NFC teams before the superbowl. Broncos need to win the AFC before doing that. AFC has been more competitive conference than NFC for past several years. There are many good teams that don't make it to big show every year in AFC.

You bring up good points that we have good rushing attack and defense, but we have not been truly tested. We have tougher schedule coming up soon. So let's hope we'll do just as well against teams with good offense and decent defense like Atlanta, Colts, and surprising Texans. Also, though we beat every team in our division, they will pose greater threat down the line than our first meeting with them.

You need to calm down and reread people's post before jumping on anyone. You asked what people thought of Broncos making it to the superbowl, not who wished Broncos would make it to the superbowl.


Ok, first of all, I don't believe I have said the Vikings are overrated, I think the NFC conference as a whole is overrated, or at least not as good as the AFC but that is an entire different post.

I do not "hate" the Eagles. I think they are a good team. Not as good as Seattle, who is more balanced, has a better defense and runs the ball better, but Philly is always dangerous with McNabb and TO. However, nobody can argue that they have had it hard this year and that their record is a bit inflated considering the level of talent they have played. They beat up on a Giants team in week one when there was the question as to who was going to play Warner or Manning, then from there they have beaten teams as I said who have been missing KEY players at MULTIPLE positions. I do not feel that the Eagles, because they have beaten teams that are incredibly banged up missing starting RB's, TE's, WR's, QB's, MLB's, safties, corners, DT's, DE's, and QB's can be classified as a great team. Especially considering Detroit is not that good, neither is Carolina (who we beat, when they had Michael Rucker, and Kris Jenkins as well as a 100% healthy running back until Foster went down), beating the Bears isn't a big deal especially when they are missing their starting QB, Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman, and Mike Brown. If you want to throw in the Giants as a good team thats fine, but as I said the NFC is a far weaker division as far as talented teams go. The level of competition in the AFC is greater than the NFC. So, if people consider the Giants a good team thats ok. When they beat Minnesota, and that game was ref'd horribly, Daunte scored, TO didn't that could have changed the game, but the Vikings were playing without their starting running back and TE. So the weapons Culpepper had to throw to were severly diminished, especially considering they missed their running back.

Moving on. NJ, I do not believe I have jumped on anyone's case (other than sea monkey, but thats just a Raider/Bronco thing we have had going for a LONG LONG time and its all in good fun). I made a thread, you responded, I then responded in kind. This is a discussion, but it has been making me mad that everytime you turn on the TV theres the Eagles, whom I actually like, when there are far more deserving teams, maybe say the Jets? I understand you feel that there are other good teams out there and the season is long, I have said that all along, but when you break down football those who run the ball and play defense win games because that is what matters in the playoffs. With the way we are running the ball against two defensive lines that boast 6 pro bowlers collectively I think you are making a statement. That was my only point. I am not saying the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl or are the favorites cause anything can happen, but there signs there that say we are always going to be able to run, and play great defense.


Heres more food for thought. Philly's defense is among worst in the league. They also do not run the ball very well. Once again I am not trying to dog the Eagles, just talk basic football. When they play a team that can play defense, and are healthy it will be interesting to see. Also, I do not believe that TO will be able to beat corners like Ty Law or Champ Bailey. He will not be able to go off like he has been doing. Brian Westbrook is the teams second leading receiver. When your running back is your second leading receiver thats not good, its not horrible, but it shows the other receivers are catching the ball or getting open. This will cause problems against teams who play good defense and can at least slow down, if not stop TO. This is why I am not convinced on Philly.

Denver is another story. We are not a shoot out team this year, so our wins are going to look like the Carolina game, or the San Diego game, in which by the way I would like to point out that we stopped LT and that offense and with the way they are playing now that is no small accomplishment. I am not saying they should cancel the season and hand over the Super Bowl, but I am saying that the teams who can stop the run and play defense win. That was the topic of this thread and it was the point I was trying to make.


Again, I like Denver. I think they are a very good team. I do not think they are as good as the Eagles, however.

Comparing the two:

Record: Slight edge to the Eagles. The Broncos have played one more game than the Eagles, however, they have also lost a game. If this were the NHL, they'd be tied on points. In the NFL, however, you have to give a slight nod to the Eagles.

Strength of schedule: See above. Strong edge to the Eagles. Since this appears to be your major point about why the Eagles are overrated (which may possibly be true), I am curious why you do not apply the same reasoning to the Broncos. Their schedule up until this point has been, if anything, much weaker than the Eagles'.

Dominance: You said above that the Broncos are a ball-control team and not a "shoot-out" team. I think that's a valid point, and I agree that margin of victory is not a perfect measure of a team's quality. However, it is worth pointing out that Denver has scored 130 points to the Eagles 137, and Denver's devense has given up 77 points to the Eagles' 63 (note that there is one more game in the Broncos record.) That's an average victory of 27.4 to 10.6 for the Eagles; 21.6 to 12.8 for the Broncos. Both sides of the ball favor the Eagles.

Common Opponents:Just Carolina thus far. Yes, Jenkins was out. However, I think the presence of Stephen Davis (he was out for the Denver game) more than makes up for that.

Broncos needed to come back in the fourth quarter to beat Carolina. That they did so is certainly a credit to the quality of their team. However, the Eagles routed that same Carolina team on a day when one of their top offensive weapons was largely shut down.

It may turn out that the Broncos are the best team in the league. Having watched Plummer throughout his carrer with the Cardinals (when they were in the NFC East), I would not bet on it. However, all available evidence thus far in the season points to the Eagles being a better team.

Note: As I stated above, I think the Broncos are an extremely good team. I think they have a decent shot to go deep into the playoffs. The road through the AFC playoffs is going to be tougher than the NFC, so I think the Eagles have a better shot to make it to the SuperBowl. If that happens, it does not prove that the Eagles are a better team, because of the current quality of NFC/AFC teams.

However, in this thread. I am attempting to respond to the multiple posts 303 has made which praise the Broncos, while repeatedly stating that the Eagles are overrated. IMO, the two are very comparable over the course of the season thus far, with the Eagles coming out ahead in that comparison.

"Strength of schedule: See above. Strong edge to the Eagles. Since this appears to be your major point about why the Eagles are overrated (which may possibly be true), I am curious why you do not apply the same reasoning to the Broncos. Their schedule up until this point has been, if anything, much weaker than the Eagles'."

Very valid except the fact that beating up on teams that are missing their star players is one of my points. That I believe reflects a lot of your success. Carolina was missing more than Jenkins, Rucker was out, as was Smith (who was also for our game) Foster was out, and saying that Davis, coming back off of not playing for what I believe is the entire year isn't a very big deal. It takes players a long time to get back into football shape, which I can guarantee a running back who is used to banging is not after missing so many games. Kris Jenkins is the best DT in the NFL, he makes a huge difference, imagine if had Trevor Pryce for the last few games. Philly is a very talented team, but they have played teams who were missing many, many key players (see above, I think I even missed a few).

My next point is I do not believe that teams like Detroit, Chicago, or even the Giants (but I am sure most will disagree) are as good as the teams we have played in the AFC. Say what you want about KC, but I still feel they are a very, very good football team that has been victim of a bad defense. They had this exact same defense last year and we all saw what they did, I think they are a better team than the Giants and if schedules matter thiers very, very tough. We stopped LT, we stopped Fred Taylor, we stopped Tony Gonzalez, we stopped Antonio Gates, we have shut down every team we have played. Teams avergae 12 first downs a game against us. That is a huge stat. I feel that if anyteam, not just the Broncos played teams who were missing the above players they would dominate as well. It would be like taking Plummer out of our team, we we lost every game he missed last year, yet people think Philly is amazing, but as you pointed out our stats are very comparable, but we have not played teams missing as many stars as you have. Foster and Davis are equal, so we have played two teams with banged up key players, Steve Smith and Rich Gannon.

I think Philly is a good team, but they have beat up badly banged up teams.


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