The Discrepancy (big penis story)


Have you completed it yet? Or did I miss that thread?

I’m not on teh OG enough to keep up, especially with the new high tech top fancy inherface. Pm me or something when you write shit!

which one? crisci returns i assume? still working on it. did a long intro about david crisci, the one who asked me to take it down, it wasnt alex. but i made the mistake i looking them up online and theyve had a lot of deaths in their family the past couple of years so i kinda feel bad to keep shitting on these guys and their family so i may omit anything about david and alex which pretty much scraps the entire story so far. instead ill just focus on the gazolla family, who were cousins of the criscis. may not be as good tho like the last one as when i leave the criscis out of it theyre not as good it seems. cheers and thanks for reading, ill let u know if/when i post it.


bruh are you sure it’s wise to keep posting all these eyetalian butt male sodomy stories?

not sure how the guidos where u live are but the ones from here in Montreal would get pretty upset after that 1 warning.

just sayin bruh maybe use fake names who cares about their real names really if the story is entertaining.

ya i actually had a run in with david that i wrote about but now i dont know if im gonna post it or not. not because im scared but just because theyve had a rough go and dont want to pile on ya know. and i can see it from davids perspective too right, like im making fun of some pretty horrible shit that happened so i get him wanting revenge.

and for those just tuning in now to this thread, the original story in the op i took down so my buddy wouldnt see it. just included the humorous intro but took the rest of the story down. cheers.

just bumped m banks gangster if u guys are looking for something from me to read in the meantime. prob one of my best stories ive ever written. nothing to do with buttrape or homosex. rather innocent but perhaps my best 1. cheers