The Doom tribute thread

In all seriousness, what this game did to out industry we should be forever thankful. I just bought 1 & 2 on xbox live and they're still kickass.
Yeah there was 1 or 2 fps's before that but Doom.....well Doom ruled.
Do you remember (if you're old enough) the first time you played it, it was amazing, blasting away a dude with a shotgun, secret rooms, making monsters fight each other, shooting barrels making bad guys explode and spill their entrails on the ground, getting radiation suits, power spheres, chainsaws, berserk mode and a BFG.
Doom had 50 jillion (not a real number as far as I'm aware) ideas and methods that games still utilize to this day. It is to First Person shooters as Jordan is to basketball.

Yeah there are shitloads of games like that now but Doom paved the way. It was brutal, violent, fast and fun.
LONG LIVE DOOM......not the movie that can fuck off.

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LordCoSaX - I thought this was a thread about Werdum, I was surprised someone would make a Werdoom appreciation thread after his last fight :p.

 haha, no that was not awesome, that was poor. If I could compare Werdum to Doom I would say that Doom would never beg an opponent to jump into it's guard, it would stand and trade with anyone, jump into guards with reckless abandon and throw bombs.

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Second i came here to read about Doom sooooo where the fuck is Ron Simmons and Butch Reed???? Phone Post