The dreaded timesheets...

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You guys are seriously making me rethink a career in law. :o(

same here.

i'd be interested to see what trust says on billing in patent law...

mbn - yeah patent/copyright law was something I could've gone
into with my background in biomed research. I didn't know you
were looking at doing law though.

oh yeah, been doing an at home study patent law course to get my agents license. cant wait to finish and shift gears a little

ugh... "value billing"... I had another associate try to sell me on that with a straight face during my previous stretch in a mid-sized firm. I wasn't buying it and started looking for the door shortly after... Pretty shady. I would be the first person in the office in the morning and the last to leave, but would only come up about average on hours.

Still have to do billables, but, since I am set up as an independent contractor, they are not so painful.

After four years as a prosecutor, when I started civil work billing was a pain in the ass - we used 6 minute increments also. Luckily I was in court every day, almost all day, so I had big blocks of time billed.

That said, I'm back in a prosecutor's office after a year in civil practice and the one thing I miss the least is the billing.

Uh, are you guys saying you use paper timesheets for billing? We do it all on computer. It's not difficult.

Actually the firm worked for switched from paper to computer while I was there - we kept track of our cases with Amicus Attorney, and the billing system was through Juris. They linked Amicus to Juris so we could do our billing on the computer.


Mine is on the computer, but it's still just a pain in the butt tracking and being worried about billable hours.

Are there any JAGs or other military lawyers here? I assume that military lawyers do not have to worry about billable hours, functioning as an in-house lawyer, right?

feels bad for spending time on this forum instead of working

"feels bad for spending time on this forum instead of working"

Set up a phantom account under kirik's name and bill the hours to

Problem solved!