The Dynamite Kid Documentary

Someone uploaded this to youtube a couple of weeks ago, this is the highspots "The Dynamite Kid:A matter of pride" dvd. I based my life on the teachings of Tom Billington and Satoru Sayama



Thanks for posting


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Thanks! Never saw this before 

Look forward to watching this.

Dynamite was the most influential wrestler in history, everyone today stands on his shoulders. The best “professional wrestler” to ever come out of Wigan, a legitimate shooter too, Training with deaf jack Fallon from Riley’s and billy Joyce (among others) at billy Riley’s snake pit

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He was the guy that probably influenced modern professional wrestling most it was his that shaped workers all around the world .

Just a real tragedy he is not in the hall of fame at least with Davey as the Bulldogs and Demolition as well for the great matches.

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Any hall of fame without Billington & Sayama is a joke.

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