The Edgar Championship system

You have to admit that Edgar's fights are always close.

It seems like it would be a good idea to have every title decided this way. A sudden death best of 15(over the span of 6 months). If you are unable to meet the contracted dates for the fight, you lose by default(to avoid stretching it out for 2 years).Edgar has had some of the most memorable fights decision or otherwise in the last 10 years and I think this has been a part of it.

If this can be done for GSP's fights, mightn't it be a more interesting series knowing that he is going to have a lot more trouble laying for decision over 15 then over 5?

Of course if his lay and pray is that stellar it could be a boring year of welterweight fights.

 they are close because he resorts to point fighting to compensate for being undersized at 155.... how bout he save us all the headaches and just move down to 145.

clay guida also had a "close" fight against maynard...  again resorting to point fighting (albeit in a very amateur way) to compensate for the size difference.

These guys need to move down and fight at their natural weight classes instead of boring up the place.