The Eiger Sanction


Just watched it again yesterday. He actually says Dykequiri…HAHA!

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Clint took a three day climbing course, then spent the next three months or so practicing at his house

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According to local climber and mountain guides, when looking out and down the Eiger north face from the excavation tunnel’s opening for the first time, Clint Eastwood cringed back onto safe ground saying “Let’s get the shit out of here!”

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Started watching this. Seems cool. We got an albino villain in a darkroom with red lights. Hot student tries to get on Clint’s cock, he’s too cool for that though. He ain’t gotta play angles for pussy. That balding ugly thug guy that Clint seems to beat up in multiple movies is here. I think Clint slapped him with a fish once. All good signs.

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The climbing closeups were actually filmed in Zion National Park, in Utah

Right turn Clyde…

Just ordered the book on audible. The gay evil guy was married to Shirley Jones, I think.

Yes, it is true.

Cliffhanger came out the same year I started climbing. I think I remember seeing it after I’d gone top-roping a couple of times. I still knew jack fuck about climbing and with no way to learn more that didn’t involve books or a mentor. I know I knew a lot of it made no sense. I may have briefly thought you didn’t need a very big drill to install an expansion bolt.

Have you climbed an ice stalactite yet ? with your hands ?

David Cassidy’s dad.

Yeah this score is awesome. The old 70s flicks had the best music. Really created an atmosphere.

This is an interesting movie so far but I can see why the kid version of me never watched it. Clint kills someone with a tiny snubnose early on. It just seems wrong, like someone fucked up and got the wrong gun. Clint shoots hand cannons only, not this baby gun shit.