The Em-POWER-ment of One

Hey Gang,

Coach Blauer has been training me for my upcoming NHB fight. I thought I'd share my thoughts.

The will to do ultimately comes from the belief that you CAN do.

The SPEAR system has been the single most important confidence building tool in my martial arts career. My greatest fear has mutated into the most powerful tool in my arsenal.

I don't think that is something quantifiable or measurable...just worthy of faith, confidence and a thank you.

Everything else worth saying will be spoken in the ring.


FYI: My last training session has become a new video. I'd recommend you all buy it...but I'd like to keep it all to myself! At least wait 'til I retire! :]

Keep teasing us with this d---- video. Where is it??

L. Nat

I'll release it after the fight. If Phil wins on toughness then the tape will sell for $44, if he wins using the tactics taught through the drills on the tape it will sell for $440




I wish I could have stayed longer to see your fight. You have excellent skills, but most of all you have a tremendous amount of heart. I wish you well and make sure you hand you opponent his ass....on the end of your SPEAR.

Take Care,


Matt filled me in on some of the details on your fight
tomorrow as well as the training leading up to it.
Although i can't be there in person, my thoughts are
with you and my spirit will standing in your corner.

Good Luck!!!



I wish I could be ringside to see your fight. Fight hard and have fun.



Dunno if it's too late to wish you a speedy victory, but since we're some hours ahead (Germany), I'll simply do it!

March through it!


Tony, I love you but $440?

Let's see my WIFE, my DAUGHTER, my MOTHER, my BROTHER. OK when does it go on sale? :-)

L. Nat

I have already said this...Best of luck to you (not that luck will have much to do with it). Remember the whole team will be there with you.


Details on the fight in the CONGRAT TO PHIL thread :-)