The emancipation of Diego Sanchez

Searched and nothing came up.

It’d be cool to see Diego get his last octagon fight but probably not likely because of all the medical talk that came up. At a minimum, I hope the UFC brings him back in some sort of public capacity for us to see him again

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he burned those bridges

and they paid him out both show and win money for his last fight

I would love to see them give Diego a retirement fight. But I can’t be mad at the UFC for not doing it. It’s too much of a liability for them.

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he should go fight bare knuckle, rematch some old foes

Diego is punch drunk/CTE/borderline retarded. In 2021 and beyond, the UFC can’t let this guy fight.

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Based on his prior statements anyone allowing him to fight would be accepting liability for his ongoing brain health.

While I do think Diego has been publicly crazy, I would give it time and see how he is without Fabia. Diego has always been unique, which is honestly what made him so fun to watch, but the last few years have been highly questionable. I could see him making amends with Dana, but I don’t think he will fight in the UFC again. I just want to hear something positive for the dude, so I guess I’m biased, but I saw the real problem being Fabia.

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The real problem is him not knowing when to hang it up and having a leech bleed him dry of any leftover useful brain cells. Let this be a lesson to any future aspiring fighters. Diego should have hung them up years ago. As much as we all enjoyed his fights and his persona. Nothing is worth being a punch drunk vegetable later on in life. What Fabi-O is doing should be criminal.