The END of Team Dagger!


damn soloman talked a lot of shit and got tooled,

big talk, no teefe

That was a sweet kick and nice follow up punches

Why do you think he's a thug?

"damn soloman talked a lot of shit and got tooled"


"Why do you think he's a thug?"

Mostly because he said so himself. That's probably the main reason.

He is a funny dumbass who is now off the show. But let's be serious, Rory has the charisma of a fencepost. A duller, more uptight guy ... how did he get on the show? Oh well congrats to Rory.

Team Dagger = team gay...
so glad that's over...


Gotta disagree. I am actually quite charasmatic. You live with those guys for all that time and see how well you do with it. That sort of situation doesn't necessarily allow you to be the person you are.

Us Jews keep it cool underneath and then kick you in the head!

I hate smack talkers and I was cheering when Solomon's head hit the mat. I'm just sorry that Rory didn't knock another tooth out.

being a jew myself, I gotta say rory did a pretty good job with the shit talking part. He could've went all neurotic on solomon, but kept his cool...then let it out on kendall,lol, who looks to be the next person to want Rory in the octagon.

ttt for Rory

"Why do you think he's a thug?"

Exactly. This is how people act around our area. Soloman being from my home city, he has a very stand-up reputation around here. Educated, atheletically gifted. Don't hate.


Way to use that guard to frustrate the stronger opponent. I LOVE to see tehcnique whip brute force.

I suspect it was editing that sort of portrayed a crisis of confidence on your part, what with Tito's comments about you doubting yourself and Dana's picking Solomon to win. Actually it made good TV. But, after watching you thus far, I have to say the match went exactly as I expected it would. Awesome job and best of luck!

"Rory has the charisma of a fencepost. A duller, more uptight guy ... how did he get on the show?"

Rory is funny as fuck..always was cool as hell walking into the University of Georgia and having someone walk up and say "oh dude, aren't you the guy on TUF3?".."awesome fight" well as the DOZENS of people at a local restaurant who came to congratulate him..he was all smiles and jokes while taking pictures with everyone who asked....

uptight??..try intense...him rolling at 50% was awesome to watch and twice as good as me going

I can't recall a TUF fighter getting so many thank you's for eliminating an opponent, he picked the right guy to beat in the first elimination round.