The Endless Summer Ends......RIP

Bruce Brown, the pioneering filmmaker whose stunning 1960s' classic &lsquo;Endless Summer&rsquo; transformed surfing from a quirky hobby to a cultural phenomenon, dies aged 80</p>

The film was made on a tiny budget with Brown performing nearly every duty</p>

Up until he made 'The Endless Summer' surfers portrayed as buffoons in films</p>

His documentary followed the lives of two surfers as they traveled the world</p>

Its loose style was hugely popular, helping make surfing part of American culture</p>

I was just reading about the surfer it was about.. the guy was friends with the crew whip made Orange sunshine.   He said film maker was a scum bag and royally fucked him over

RIP legend, he made some cool films



RIP. I’m going to watch this now

Endless summer gives me good feels 

great movie that I thoroughly enjoyed in high school

I had lots of panamnian surfing friends and it appealed to all surfers no matter their cultural background

Dude that and Big Wednesday were the shit when I was 16.