The essential Chomsky?

Hello. I am looking to broaden my world view somewhat and have heard good things about Chomsky. I was thinking about starting with Manufacturing Consent.

Does anyone have any views on what i should start with by Chomsky or indeed any other authors?

Thanks for your time.


Manufacturing consent, if you are interested in politics.

If you are interested in his linguistics, I would advise you to use a usual linguistics textbook and stay away from the original writings which are absolutely incomprehensible.

There's a documentary of sorts on Chomsky which is also called Manufacturing Consent, "Chomsky light" I guess.

thanks very much for all the replies.

I would 2nd "Understanding Power: the indispensable Chomsky" as the best starting point when it comes to reading Chomsky. Some of his earlier political work is tough, his earlier linguistics work will give you a migrane in seconds:)