The Essential Guard a Masterpiece

The Essential Guard book by Kid P is a Masterpiece...........

Both books are good!

...and pick up the Rodrigo open/closed guard DVDs from Island. Lot of techniques with good details. can't beat the value (20 bucks each) or get the set (7 DVDs) for 100 bucks.

Kid's and Rodrigo's the Essential Guard axe kicks the craniums of pretty much every other BJJ book on the market. *****.

its on my best seller list!! Probly #2 behind the Gracie way :)

Good info specifically on closed guard.

The first 24 pages that Kid wrote in the essential guard book are gold

These books i like the most

1.The Essential Guard - Masterpiece -11 out of 10

2.Gracie Way - Great 10 out of 10
3.The Ultimate Fighting Techniques by Royce - 10 out of 10