The Essential Pad Man Online Resource

Whether you are coach, fighter or recreational martial artist with an interest in the striking arts, The Essential Pad Man online resource will teach you
the methods used by renowned mixed martial arts coach and SBG UK President Karl Tanswell.

The Essential Pad Man will teach you the skills and scientific principles used by Karl Tanswell to feed focus mitts, pads and kick shields for world class fighters such Saul Rogers, Martin Stapleton, Davey Grant and Matt Inman.

You will also learn Coach Tanswell’s innovative and highly regarded Cross Pads System

What else you will learn from the Essential Pad Man:

Warm up and warm down
Injury prevention for the Pad Man
Getting to Know Your Equipment
New Fighter Assessment
The Fighting Measure
Footwork (who’s hustling who?)
The Fighting Measure (MMA Specific )
Why the Number System is Redundant
The Cross Pads Defence System
Balance Checks
Neural Disruption
Towards Total Freelance
Downloadable PDF’s
Pro Fighter Training Sessions
Go Pro Footage from the Pad Man and Fighters Point of View
Video Analysis
Problem Solving Drills

This Essential Pad Man online learning resource will be updated each and every month with new drills, skills and learning tools.

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