The Evan Tanner than I knew and respected

About 5 yrs ago I did a benefit show for Josh Haynes and his sick baby. Evan was one of the first ones to say he would come and fight for it for free. He was the only pro that came forward to help us raise money by using his name.

Shannon Rich was nice enough to face Evan so he didn't have a war on his hands!

You wont meet many men like him in your life!!

Use this thread if you know him and want to share stories you have or had with him!!!!




Sorry if I locked mud names out but really didn't want anything disrespectful.




Evan was the truest friend ive ever had.


xIanx  - Evan was the truest friend ive ever had.


 You cornered him for Okami. 

I did KenP. He cornered me for my last fight in Quebec a few weeks ago. RIP Evan.




Evan has been on his own venture for sometime now. The man is one of a kind for me and I will always remember him.

him beating terrell was a beautiful moment. and the smile he was wearing afterwards was the joy a champion is supposed to have. so many guys waste their big moment showboating or searching for someone else o tras talk but tanner just beamed and showed that if you believe in yourself and step up you can achieve


When we took a bunch of guys from the Sniper team down to Oregon a few years back we got to hang with Evan a bit.

He was such a genuinely sweet, humble guy.Very cool to train with and generous.He could've rolled any of us easy and he just played with you and let you in the game and gave you pointers and compliments the whole time.

I've never cheered for any fighter as hard as I cheered for Evan when he beat Baroni.

Our world is a little bit dimmer and our sport has lost a great spirit.The guy who learned from Gracie tapes in his basement and somehow represented the rest of us who learned the same way.

RIP Evan.
Power of One Forever

I never knew him but heard many good things about him.
If he was happy til his last breath than thats how we should remember him. Happy....Content.

Look around at how miserable some people are because they never just said "Fuck it" and went out and did something they like or love.

Evan was a pionneer for sure and a gladiator at that.

Later Brother, let us know what its like!

Sean Sullivan


ttt, RIP

Didnt know him personally RIP Tanner you we're a huge influence on me Beleive in the Power of One.

I didnt really follow Evan Tanner's career that much but the more I read about him and his opinions now the more I like who he was..


I had the pleasure to meet Evan at UFC 21.

I got to take a pic w/ him, he was very cordial.

Rest in Peace, Evan.