The evolution of MMA.

Where will MMA be 10 years from now? Will we still have seperate organizations such as Pride and UFC doing battle to keep the top fighters? will we have a universal set of rules that apply in every organization? What r your thoughts on where MMA will be 10 years from now.


Brandon Vera will be with Showtime. This much is true.


If the money is right, then they'll fight.

In ten years I predcit GSP will still be whupping ass.

With MMA becoming this popular this fast I could see MMA becoming very similiar to boxing. I hope not but, it seems everyone wants on the MMA bandwagon to get some extra cash in there pockets. These money hungry assholes dont care about the sport or the fighter. They only car about how thick there wallet is! coughdonkingcoughshowtimecough

The future in my opinion rests with the implementation of a Unified Rules Set for each & all fighting organizations. That way the fighters can get the opportunities to challenge fighters from other orgs & therefore get the most money by being able to compete inter-organizationally.

I think that way every organization can have fighters from everywhere fighting to see who is the Undisputed Champion. I think it will also allow promoters to set up fights that fans want to see...Ex. Chuck vs Wandy...for the biggest money possible.

As much as it will also go thru growing pains...I feel that its the best thing for the sport...just my .02