"The Exorcist" update

Chris "The Exorcist" Price 185lbs. 9-0-0. Chris is training very hard in preparation for his UFC debut in October. He was on PKW's radio show last night(great interview), and he will be on Takedown radio this coming Sunday along with Bas Rutten & Matt Lindland. He has signed an apparel contract with the good folks at Royalty fightwear and made an appearance for them at the Iowa state fair with Josh Neer, John Halverson, Victor Moreno, Adrianna Jenkins and the rest of the Royalty team. He will be traveling to Cincinnati to train with Jorge and Rich; and potentially to California(Team Shamrock) and/or Milwaukee(Duke Roufus). Thanks to everyone for the support!


Good luck to Chris! Great interview last night too. The archive is up on www.Prokarateweekly.com.

Greg-will be calling, have a question. great job on the interview. he's getting better at the public speaking;)


Good luck to Price. Rex loaned me a dvd of one of his fights and the kid looks promising. He's got a favorable match-up in Kendall Groves so as long as he doesn't get submitted it should be his fight to lose.

Sounds good.

left vm.

he is on his way to Des Moines(for Takedown radio) as we speak!!!!!!

We met today with Tim & Patricia Ewick(highly prominent local fimmakers) to discuss the potential of various aspects of Chris' career;)




Haole-what do you have in mind?

Hey Mike, want me to pass along your number to those promoters I talked to you about last week (re: salmon)?

Josh-yes! will be calling you today! Haole-what are we gonna do?

which shirt do you like? Damage Inc. or LFC?

done! mimicks handshake;)


When is he comming to train? I liked workin with him last time...SPROUT