The "face-smush" incident (a special UG edit)

We asked Gilbert this question specifically with the UG in mind. It was a bit off topic for Fight Week, so we cut a separate clip. He goes into detail regarding his then-fiancee (and now wife) Keri Anne Taylor's infamous "face smush", where she blasted the booing fan in the grille. Enjoy...

Nice Phone Post 3.0

ha ha!! Awesome.


Good for Gil and good for Mrs. Melendez.


Live and learn. She had his back, he has hers in defense.  I think it's just a great situation.

I can't remember who it was, but I'm pretty sure it was a black comedian, maybe Katt Williams who brought up face mushing in his act. That however, was After Mrs Melendez' face mushing incident.


That's pretty gangster actually, your wife invented the term face mush, and she did it in your defense. That's definitely 209 level street shit.

yeah real cool to spit on a fan and slap him.

as long as that fan's screen name is endrebuild, yeah i'm cool with it :P