The Facebook Thread

Since I am/was a big deal on teh Facebook until I went wild and shredded my account to start over, I thought I would start a thread detailing my adventures on Facebook.

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The first thing I notice is that everyone I re-friend ends up sending me a message that asks if it’s really me and why are we not friends already?

I haven’t received my friend request yet

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Are you sure?

Check again.

How about now?

Where is my friend request?

Get in line Soup

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I only use FB to make troll groups for trolls to run wild in. What I have found is literally everyone hates censorship. That is a good thing.

Did you throw out any feelers to some old flames?

When I finally joined facebook I found a group that was all members of my high school graduating class and I messaged all the chicks that still looked hot a generic “oh wow, remember high school?” type message. I think I got a couple dates out of it.

Soup is a friend to the known world and an international treasure.

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I would respond to this post but I have you on ignore.

In fact, I purposely have no re-friended some people from high school, and old GFs.

I’ve gone from 5k friends down to just under 200.

The days of austerity have begun.

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However, I refuse to give in to teh FB and use it like they want me to.

I’ll do what I want got d@mn it!

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I am also refusing to add people this time whom annoyed me the last time.

I added Kirik though.

Also, I have found that I am spending less time on Facebook now due to less interaction there and more time here learning how to use and navigate the new forum.

The moral of the story here is that Facebook tried to steal me away from…those sons of bishes!