The facts about Joslin/Goulet @TKO

Here are the facts:

1) Goulet is a beast and he did a great job of surviving, but with that being said, that's all he did the entire fight...survive.

2) It's my understanding that all 3 judges are now infact in custody for grand theft and will be sentenced at a later date, my source also confirms for me that grand theft in the province of Quebec is punishable by jail time and loss of poutine privilages for up to, but not exceeding 5 years.

Thank you, that is all.


The horror! The blessed inhumanity!

Right on JT

Amen Brother

Somehow I don't find it funny that a great fighter and classy guy gets robbed of a win. It sucks and yet no one from the TKO has come online and posted anything, and they read these forums as we all know. It comes down to the hometown boy with lots of supporters and people betting on him behind the scenes, getting the win. Its wrong and makes the TKO look like idiots. To be a true contender in the MMA world stuff like that cant happen, it happens I know but it mustn't occurr when the sport and that organization bill themsleves as the top MMA in Canada.

TKO lost credibilty in the eyes of many spectators and probably fighters as well this past weekend. Good Public Relations TKO, keep it up and you may exist no more.

I'm sure it will be touched upon by someone soon enough. At least it better, it was the screw job of the year IMHO. If the fight would have been in Montreal I'd blame it Vince McMahon LMFAO !!!


Decisions like this will have fighters thinking twice about fighting in Quebec. The commision needs to be educated. The UFC have done many things for the athletic commissions in the U.S. from information packages to having seminars with Big John, Jeff Blatnick etc.


"The commision needs to be educated."

I think the main problem is they have no desire to be educated and IMO would likely be insulted by the idea that they should be. While I have got along well with a couple commission members from Quebec (most are assholes and treat our fighters like shit) after experiecing Alberta it's no wonder most fighters don't have any interest in Quebec (unless it's to party).

Geoff is a certified genius.


Another famous "Montreal" screw job, I'm thinking Vince McMahon DID have something to do with this.

poor kajan this is not the first time.

"From: Portuguese2002: Another famous "Montreal" screw job"

Hey hey hey!

She swore she'd never say anything!

Yeah, Kajun has a hard style to judge. he is usually in control of the fight but not always pushing to dominate like he can. I've seen him fight guys that he should kill and eke out a close decision. How many fights has that guy had anyway, 20?

let me tell you something about Kajan Johnson.... sit down cuz I speak from experience.






He has some crazy hair.