The Fade Away...

Kobe Bryant Fade Away:

Michael Jordan Fade Away:

Reggie Miller Fade Away:

Steve Nash Fade Away:

Ray Allen Fade Away:

Mashburn Fade Away:

Dirk Fade Away:

Dallas Mavericks Fade Away:

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How to Make a Fade-Away Shot in Basketball

Create space between you and your defender by leaning away from the basket.


  1.  Use this shot against tight defensive pressure. If your defender has been effectively keeping you away from the basket, this move will get her or him to re-evaluate defensive tactics.
  2.  Stand sideways with your shooting hand closest to the basket so that both shoulders are in line with the basket.
  3.  Keep the ball away from prying defensive hands.
  4.  Drop your shooting shoulder down and toward your opponent. This simple move may make your defender think you're driving to the hoop.
  5.  Take a step away from the defender and the basket with your back foot - opposite of your shooting hand.
  6.  Open your shoulders so that they are square to the basket as you take a step backward.
  7.  Shoot the ball off your back foot, leaning away from the basket with your other foot off the ground.


Try using this move on the baseline. You can fade out of bounds or backwards or any variation of the two.

This is a set shot, not a jump shot. You just happen to be on one foot instead of two.

Put some extra arch on the ball since you're shooting over somebody and falling away.

Once you've successfully made a fade-away shot over a defender, fake the move the next time. As your defender leaps toward you, make a move to the basket.

Michael Jordan was one of the deadliest fadeaway shooters in history.

Another excellent fadeaway shooter was Larry Bird. Hakeem Olajuwon, the all-star center, also adopted it into his repertoire.

In the modern era, Kobe Bryant is considered to be perhaps the deadliest fadeaway shooter in the NBA.

Jordan in the latter years was all fade-aways. Best fade-away now would go to Dirk Nowitz for his performance in the Finals.

Speaking of 7 footers - Patrick Ewing has a nice baseline fadeaway too...

For big men.. Barkley (backing his man down into the low post) and the Mailman (up top at the elbow) had excellent fade away shots.

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