The fak is this?

Fish under the earth

Fish under the earth! Nature can surprise! ????

Posted by Amazing on Thursday, February 8, 2018

This just weird


How'd them fellers know exactly where to dig?

River fish. They go into hibernation in the dry season and wake up in the rainy season. That is likely a dried riverbed or other water source.

Is that a mud shark?

pretty cool

Those are called potato fish. 

They are African Lung fish. They have gills and lungs and as a previous poster stated they are in a state of hibernation during the dry season. 


Cool fish and voracious feeder.  

I like how they've already been called by 3 different names in this thread.

More proof that nature is freakin' awesome.


I believe that is the South African hypon fish that goes into hybernation during the dry season. Fun fact it can stay like that for 13 years if it doesn't rain 

I think this type of hibernation is called estivation. there are frogs that do it too, mostly in Australia.

Nature, you crazy