The Fall?

Ok so I have been thinking about the other thread and the fall of man. Lets assume for a moment that we could look and see what life would be like if Man never fell.

Now lets assume we can see Mans Fall and the state that things will be in when God's plan comes to bloom.
Are we better off in the long run for the fall or not? Has Sin given humankind something that we couldn't know any other way but through sin about God and the types of relationship's he has with his creation, what without the fall, we could have never known??

For me your question is touching the limits of our poor imagination, and the border line of infinity is not exactly what I like to deal with.

So, I pass on this question.


We didn't "fall" from grace. We evolved to a higher level of spiritual understanding- now we can help finish the universe!

The end of the Thread "Everything Happens for a Reason?" speaks directly to that end! Check it out.