The Family Automobile is a VULGAR Beast and a BIG NEGATIVE for SOCIETY

Walkable communities are certainly better for everyone in almost every way

yeah, certainly some aspects were MORE PLEASANT! There is always SUFFERING, past & present, but those people were not some dumb buttscratching cavemen and were much SMARTER than many people today realize…

they could NAVIGATE by stars and nature without need for a TECH-device to tell them where to go and how to get there…they could walk into a FOREST and KNOW what to gather for health and sustenance the same way we go to the Pharmacy and Supermarket

their lives were simpler as compared to the TECH which makes our lives easier yet seemingly so much more complicated and requiring more of us and our time…like the AUTOMOBILE COMMUTE as example!

yes, some ways life is better now…and other ways life was MORE PLEASANT then and so you FAIL in your malicious little GOSSIP mongering!

A walking society is infinitely easier to control. That’s why they want to get rid of cars for the masses. The wealthy would still have them, of course. Cars = freedom of movement.

^I could argue the opposite. The LESS one is Plugged into the MATRIX of MATERIALISM the MORE FREE he is

CARS require quite a bit of SERVITUDE for the average peasant to maintain

The servitude of buying a greasy whopper at 3am is pretty damn good slavery

replace “horse” with AUTOMOBILE in this keen social observation:

But then YOU’RE the one saying what MY freedom means to me and that means LESS freedom.

Outdoor Walks: A Bright Side of the Pandemic

Everybody’s doing it, young and old alike.

There’s been a lot written about the silver linings of COVID-19: more time to catch up on projects at home; greater opportunities to watch movies and read; the power of Zoom to bring us together globally; deeper appreciation for friends and family; greater attention to life’s simple pleasures, etc. Right up there in the pantheon of silver linings has got to be walking outdoors, with or without a companion.