The Famous One-Two

What's up guys. There have been a lot of posts about the jab, and the cross, but what about the 1-2?

The thing is, when I throw the jab by itself, it's strong, as is my cross by itself. But when I throw the 1-2, my jab is pathetically weak, like a flick. My trainer says I am too focused on landing the right, and that I never will land it on a good guy, because he will not respect the jab I am throwing. I am just trying not to turn the jab into a power punch, like a lead straight.

I also have tried doing Vitor's flurry, which is really a 1-2-1-2-1-2 right through the opponent, but again, the cross is strong, and the jab is weak.

when you step forward with the first jab, does all your weight go onto the front foot? I find if I do this, there is no weight transfer left for the cross.

Hope this all makes sense.



c'mon someone help out...

It sounds like your trying to throw it to fast. When you throw a jab you don't step forward! that screams TELEGRAPH, you shuffle smoothly.

Also make sure when you throw a 1-2, pivot your SHOULDER and HIP almost rhythmically that's where you get your power.

Are you exhaling when you release the 1-2?

yes, i am exhaling, but you really don't step forward??

he's telling you to shuffle or glide forward, just don't take a step. the rear leg comes with you.

thanks. but when you are jabbing and gliding forward, is all your weight on the front foot as you jab?

vitor's 1-2 (aka "boxing blast" coined by burton richardson) is really a cross as you step through. there's no 1 (jab) after the first punch. each succesive punch is essentially a cross as you step through.

so the first shot is a jab, then every left afterwards is like a lead straight?

stick by the way your site rocks...thanks.

nah its still about 50/50 distribution. (maybe Dempsy's "drop step jab" would put more weight on it)

Boxing is all about playing it safe. nothing is ever too extreme and that applies to footwork, defense and offense. Slugging it out with another guy is a gamble. play it safe & smart and you'll win more consistently. (this truly applies to how you train)

leave the flash to a pro.


thanks for kind words re: my site. it still needs more work. not sastisfied with it yet.

1st left is a jab and 1st right is a cross, then step through with right foot and 2nd left is a cross and step through with left foot while 2nd right is a cross etc.

i think i have it right. basic idea is you cross and it doesn't matter which hand is punching, your opp foot is stepping through you are basically stepping with every punch, in other words, switching stances?

look for the highlight clip of belfort off of

not sure if there are other vidclips available, but i know has it

or if you have the ufc where belfort did that to silva, check it out. you will see that.

yes, step with each punch so it's a cross.

"I also have tried doing Vitor's flurry, which is really a 1-2-1-2-1-2 right through the opponent, "

Vitor's flurries of 1-2-1-2-1-2 worked becaused his opponents didn't know anything about boxing. His opponents would move straight back instead of side-stepping. His straight ahead flurries wouldn't work against experienced boxers who would side-step and counter. If you're still new to boxing, I wouldn't recommend this type of straight-ahead flurry.


"so you are basically stepping with every punch, in other words, switching stances? "


so then what are you doing? not trying to argue, just trying to understand.

wow...17 posts and 122 views...i should have titled the thread, "mayorga will ko forrest in 2" or something.... Slick posted in the "undoing karate punching bad habit (40)[196] By: juszczec" - learn the rules before you break the rules. don't worry about vitor's boxing blast now.edit: forgot to hyperlink 4 uopens new browser

KS understand you just asking questions.

go to stickgrapplers archives. he has excellent posts there about proper mechanics.

Are you being taught? I'm guessing not.

if you're unable to get to a gym then I'd recommend checking out a books. "coaching olympic boxing" is my favorite.

To throw A GOOD 1-2 you put all the weight on the front foot with the jab. The weight stays on the front foot and you rotate the hips to throw the right. The right hand really doesnt benefit very much from trying to time a step/weight forward with the cross. It is best to already have the weight on the foot before the cross THIS is why the 1-2 works so well with a good jab.

Chances are you are pulling the jab a little early to really rotate the hips. If you are not putting weight on the front foot with the jab and "waiting" to do so with the cross, that is a gross technical error you should work on fixing ASAP; otherwise guys are going to walk through the jab and crush you with a counter punch or just wait on the cross since you are sending a telegraph that one is on the way (a weak jab being the tele).