The Feminists just went full retard

You can skip the pointless discussion at the end, just watch the feminist video part. Holy shit, they just went full retard. If they think that's going to make any intelligent person support their "cause", they are beyond stupid.


Idiots Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - No one takes feminists seriously except other feminists. Phone Post 3.0
And their fat gay friends. Phone Post 3.0 is a disgusting website. they totally miss the boat on the things they should be fighting for.

On a side note... Any time I watch The Young Turks it absolutely makes my fucking skin crawl. You could put them in A Fox studio and they'll still manage to make it look like a high school project. Phone Post 3.0

Ana would get it. Phone Post 3.0

Combat Sport Fan - terrible...absolutely atrocious. essentially when these girls grow up they will watch this and be ashamed and mad that their parents let them do this crap.

No little girls should not say fuck. They shouldnt. And there is nothing wrong calling your daughter a princess. This is just terrible and it hurts everything they are trying to do...most of which i have no clue what they are trying to accomplish.
Agreed with all but the princess part.

I dont call my sons princes and no daughter of mine will ever be called a princess... even though they technically are given my bloodline. I prefer my children to remain humble. Phone Post 3.0

Mark It Zero - Ana would get it. Phone Post 3.0

Me while fucking Ana 

"You like that don't you, you fucking idiot"

WTB "n-words for feminism"

Every time Ana Kasparian said "Fuck", I mentally inserted "Me Hard VFab". Phone Post 3.0