The fifth striking tool

Hey guys I'm asking legitimately why headbutts are illegal? In my opinion I see no reason why you shouldn't be aloud to risk losing your own brain cells while trying to take your opponents. Any legit medical reason as to why an elbow to the forehead is legal but forehead vs forehead is not? Phone Post 3.0

I see no reason. Soccer kicks I can understand (re public apeal) and knees on the ground a tiny bit (I want them back) but headbuts should be reintroduced.

It'll never happen though.

This is why headbutts are illegal:

They should definately be aloud.

Something about Tito Ortiz and homicide. Phone Post 3.0

Can you imagine the number of broken noses and faces if headbutts were allowed?

The cage would be bloodbaths... a lot more fights would be stopped by the doctors.

It's just appearance I would say, plain and simple.

Regardless of how much damage it can really cause beyond superficial (like most elbows), to the general public it would come across as 'too barbaric' and therefore will never be allowed. Phone Post 3.0

Nick,did you make your KOTC debut already?

yabadaba -

This is why headbutts are illegal:


Voted up for making me laugh :-) Phone Post 3.0