The Fight Network - Free Preview on Now

Just letting people around the world that can get it, the fight network is having a free preview, starting now for the next couple of weeks. The Channel is available in Canada, U.K., Australia ... and I think Africa?

I'm not sure what the channels are for every system but, for Rogers in Canada, it's channel 427.

Just FYI. Cheers.

* moves to Africa *

I live in canada and have th channel, but i'm extremely curious why they don't have it in the US, cause they have Showtime and Elite XC events on there?

Just an FYI for Sam, Since March the Fight Network has had a new VP of programming that has really turned everything around, some dude that started The Score (recent live events and fight coverage).

I'm not trying to defend the fight network, just saying that I agree that it use to be crap and I'm really glad it's been getting better.

My favorites are battle Scramble, K-1, one on one's, before and after the bells, and the newer TKO's and live events like the last Elite XC and even the boxing they had on the weekend was a great event, even though I'm not much of a boxing fan anymore. They GLADLY don't air stuff like Alaska Fighting Championships, Ultimate Combat Experience, and barely any more wrestling. I could fill this page with shitty programming that they use to have because I would always click over to see if it was anything worth watching, then click away. haha. I think they're still working out the bugs on their new schedule while they acquire new shit but there's FAR less crap going on air just for the sake of putting fights up there. From what I've read, and even seen on TV, they've got a new president, investors, Programming people and everything is changing.

Please buy my "fight Network" stock from me.

I have 2,000,000 shares of this Co. (LOL)

I'll give you $1 and a empty can of fresca for your shares of TFN (or a $0 and a FULL can of fresca). Going once, going twice.......

Awww.... 2,000,000 of Black Out Media? If I had some IFL stocks to trade, maybe.
$2,000,000 probably cost you about $1.20 though right? :)

After watching George Burger (new president) being interviewed on Business Television and then on CP24 right from the TSX this month I think they're going to have something new popping up that isn't related at all to Black out media. He was calling the company Fight Network Global.


I agree that they have improved alot lately.

I remember at one time they had about 99 percent gay pro-wrestling.

The fact that they have shown the Elite-XC events has made all the difference for me. I was about to cancel my subscription when I found out they were showing Kimbo vs Tank and Frank vs Cung.

If they keep showing live Elite-XC events I will gladly keep supporting The Fight Network.


they do have some shitty programming but for the most part its a good channel

btw ch. 390 on Bell ExpressVu