The Fight Network

Incase you guys missed the UFC and want to see highlights and clips of the fights etc. You can tune into The Fight Network tonight after UCC 10 and see the post UFC 62 show hosted by myself and Randy Couture.

I just returned from Vegas where I covered UFC 62 for The Fight Network, hosting both the UFC 62 Pre Show and Post Show that covered the events leading up to UFC 62 including the weigh-in's, pre event press conference, the post fight press conference and wrap up show.

It's an honor to be working side-by-side with Randy Couture and with The Fight Network. I've never worked with a group of people and a company with so much genuine passion and love for our sport and combat sports in general, it's very refreshing and look forward to working with them in the future.

Ryan Bennett is, was and will always be the man. It's hard stepping into his spot and trying to be as good as he was, but thankfully I've worked with some amazing people in this sport so hopefully I'll be half as good as he was. He is unreplaceable and will be greatly missed.

Have to say thanks to a few people in no specific order for helping me get here, without them, it wouldn't be happening.

Joe Ferraro, you silly bastard. I vow that we WILL work together again in this sport, things happen, donkey's come and go...some are still here...but we WILL rock it again like NO OTHER team in MMA broadcasting.

Forum brothers JHR, Kellett, Dougie, Crazyhook, Guardbr8kr, the list goes on. You guys are all top notch and keep smiles on my face daily with the things that go on here. Dougie, did you ever get that DVD ? Jason St.Louis for showing me the triangle choke about 6 years ago and subsiquently using it to choke out Canario at the 2005 Showdown Open. Big Frankie, Loaf for yelling at me to "...climb !" during my last fight in TKO before winning by what else ? Triangle/armbar in the first round. If I missed anyone (Which I'm certain that I did...) I'm sorry and I DO love you all as well.

People will laugh, call me nuts, read in disbelief etc, but Stephane Patry was instrumental in getting me The Fight Network deal and bringing parties together. Do people still have issues with him ? Likely, but I'm glad that mine are behind me. Some would even argue that I "...sold out" This is not the case for the basic fact that in order to "sell out" you have to 1) Do something that you don't want to do and 2) Be paid very handsomely for doing it.

Neither of these hold true, I went back to TKO for a variety of reasons, all of which I'm happy about. So, thanks to Stephane for helping me out.

Oh, and thanks to Pete Rodley for consistantly making me laugh very loud everyday. You are the man.

I hope you guys enjoy the show, it was great shooting it and being a part of UFC 62. Now, on to Anaheim for UFC 63 !

Take care,


adds St. Louis to the list

JT great work on the fight network! Nice to see you back behind the mike and using your skills in a positive way. There are so many good people in Canadian MMA its a shame everyone can't all get along but thats the nature of business
Nice to see you back on TV, hope to see you soon where I can get my rematch!~

Also it was awesome to see UCC 10 on the fight network the other night. What a great card that was and it was actually my first live show. I sat beside the St Pierre family and it was a night that changed my life.

Congrats JT! I had no idea you were on the fight network (as those bastards at Bell still don't have it) grrr

Right on bro, you'll kick ass on this show :)

Great job JT !!

gee, wouldnt' it be nice if WE COULD ACTUALLY GET THE FIGHT NETWORK!!!!!! sorry, i'm still bitter with shaw. is there any way you guys can, you know, armbar some executive at shaw at make them carry the fight network?

The million dollar voice does it again...:) Congrats my man, you definetly deserve it.

Just don't forget that I'm still prettier than you and that I am the greatest alarm clock you will ever have when we are on the road...:)

Above all, if it were not for all the horses and donkeys out there, we would have never have found out who the the real jack ass' were and are to this day...:)

JT is there an email where I can contact you? Thanks.

Congrats JT!! Showdown may be prettier but you have more hair



Crazyhook....the chinook action is starting to pick up!!

whoop for Salmon season!! and Fight Network!!

saw the post UFC62 conference with you and THE MAN (aka Randy Couture)
great stuff.

can't wait for more UFC related stuff on The FightNetwork.

Loving the TKO/UCC and PRIDE stuff, great fights abound! (sorry had to rub it in for the unfortunate ppl who don't get this awesome channel!)

"gee, wouldnt' it be nice if WE COULD ACTUALLY GET THE FIGHT NETWORK!!!!!! sorry, i'm still bitter with shaw. is there any way you guys can, you know, armbar some executive at shaw at make them carry the fight network?"

Yeah, no shit. Why the hell wont Bell Expressvu pick this up??

All the best JT.

Is Bell ExpressVu going to get The Fight Network??!?! Anyone!!???!?!

I just sent Bell an email asking for the channel.  They wrote me back and said that one of the influencing factors is the demand for a new channel.  Here is a link to send a request to them for programming.  It might be worth it if enough people take 30 seconds to fill it out and ask for the channel.


Kwanzanator I can't wait to get out for some salmon. the musky kicked my ass today... nothing but a tan

Good job JT! Best of luck to you man!

The Fight Network should be on ExpressVU very soon.

Alex, do you know something that we dont about Bell adding this or are you just sayin'....?

I heard from a very good source there should be some good news soon. I don't make stuff up. :)

J.T. getting to hang with Couture and I don't?

What a world, what a world...