The Fight of Their Lives (amazing documentary)

It does make me happy to think that Gerald suffers greatly. What a piece of shit he was.

Woah this thread isn't going where I thought. This is a sad story in all ways guys... Let's not try to justify anything Phone Post

What a stupid fucking hat that is that his old trainer wears though. Anyone see it as the cornernans fault and not the ref? I do. Phone Post

I looked up Stan Johnson and didn't find anything, fuck that guy! Phone Post

Thanks for posting the video.

ricksongjj - Thanks for posting the video.

hey bro no worries



Saved Phone Post

Great story, add grown men with a good lisp.
Its Fantastic!

skooter - It's just sad that Gerald has a sister to take care of him.

After taping a dogs mouth shut so that another dog can kill him. After fighting dogs time and time again. After years and years of thinking he can be just as cruel and brutal as he wanted to be.......

Well guess what????

What goes around, comes right back around MudderF-cker.....

Gerald DESERVES to be sitting and rotting in a puddle of his own sh!t today.

And to all the other scum out there who choses to be cruel and brutal to innocent beings......Well, just set back and see what comes YOUR weay one day (or to one of your loved ones)

Totally agree.

Both Mclellan and Benn were as bad as each other, both a pair of cunts. Phone Post

Beautiful tragedy is correct. Wonder why god chose this story for them Phone Post

Sub'd Phone Post

Im really interested to hear about peoples opinions as to whos fault this tragedy was, Referee? Cornermen? Fighter?

 This is on the both the ref and corner.  There were numerous signs.  One should have brought it up.  The corner did not want to lose, thus ignored it and the ref was oblivious apparently.  Very very sad



Cruz2ninjafoya - Im really interested to hear about peoples opinions as to whos fault this tragedy was, Referee? Cornermen? Fighter?

Ref and mclellans corner imo. Phone Post

I really think it lies in the corners hands. They have "ties" to the boxer, whom is in the ring competing. The ref has NO TIES to either competitor. His sole purpose is to call the fight as fairly as humanly possible, until a clear winner of the bout is reached. He doesn't know each fighter.

F_ckHead said that his "job" was to see that his fighter won the fight. Well, that's justabout retarded. It's the fighters job to win the fight. It's the corners job to take care of him as he attempts to win the fight.

If I'm in the corner, my eyes are on MY FIGHTER 100% of the time, including in between rounds. Not half the time, nor 75% of the time......IMO, the ref should be able to sleep well EVERY night. Members of Geralds corner however, I would think maybe the opposite.

Anyone who hasnt seen this, needs to!!!