The Fighter site! Joe Riggs/Ficket


I am only posting this to help our sport!!! is helping out some of the best up & coming Fighters that are trying to make a name for themselves in fighting. This site was put together by fighters & Wrestlers. Joe Riggs is one of the kids on the site. AZ State champion @ heavyweight. Will be the next 185 UFC Champ.

Every shirt ordered that has "wrestler" on the back will go to the Wrestlers/Fighters & will donate a pecentage to the Tyler Braebner fund.

ALSO, there will be a CASH prize for someone who's wearing a shirt @ Wrestling NCAA's.

Check it out The Shirts are Sweet. The sight was just put together & has had many orders already requested. Send me an email offline if you have any others ideas to help promote our sport.

Matt, this is Ray Steinbeiss e-mail me at bro, I need you to come and help me train I have fights coming up.