The Final Eight

How would you match them up in the next round?

Gotta be Semmy v. Giant Silva. That would be fun.

Kev V Fedor

Nog V Ogawa

Schilt V Giant

Herring V That russian dude

I too don't think Ogawa will fight next round, and I wasn't one who said the same thing about Yoshida.

I just hope they put Nogueira and Fedor on opposite sides - if they meet again it should be in the finals...

And I hope Ogawa gets beaten down brutally.

Ogawa will definately be matched up with Giant Silva, Ill bet every cent I own on it, they want Ogawa to be in the Final 4, then he will probably fight Nogiera.

If Nog and Fedor meet b4 the finals, what is the point of the finals?