The first Evil Dead is the best horror movie of all time


I like.

but "It Follows"is my favorite

it follows film GIF

No. “The Thing” (1982) and “The Return Of The Living Dead.”


I’ll give it a gander.

Dawn of the Dead> Evil Dead


Can you help me understand teh evil dead franchise?

The first one was one of the scarriest horror I’ve have seen. So I watched the next two thinking they’d be good, but appeared to be somehow silly and more horror comedy? What happened?

so true, the third one was from a different planet.

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Ash is the best horror character you….evil dead is not best horror movie


The most impressive part about The Evil Dead to me is that Sam Raimi made it when he was 21 years old in 1981.

That was an entirely different era when it was very difficult to make on location like that using film too and not digitally so it’s more expensive and very limited and not endless like you can pretty much do today when filming digitally.

When you look at what he did as a kid basically and how it turned out, I can’t think of any examples of someone doing what he did with his friends before he did it. It’s pretty remarkable.

Even today it would be difficult to come up with a 21 year old who could write and direct their own film from scratch and have it become a horror classic even with all of the luxuries and knowledge that kid did not have in 1981.


Loved the original and the 2013 remake!


john carpenter’s apocalypse trilogy are far better.


Night of the living dead is the GOAT


I like evil dead but the original “Texas chainsaw massacre” shits all over it just because its more realistic. So many real events that are similar in one way or another, it’s like Toby Hopper just compiled a bunch of future events into one fictional movie.

The based on true events was Ed Gein which is very loose, but you could add some shit that’s happened in New Mexico (toy box murders) with shit the cartel does to people (cutting off heads with chainsaws) and it would still be less gruesome than reality.

David Parker ray+ Ed gein+ cartel+ dahmer = real life TCM


When i got my quest 2 years ago now…i put on evil dead 2 to test out how movies are…i had to take it off…

It was horrifying in a good way…not know whats around you especially with the way evil dead 2 is shot and the audio…all set haha

Have you watched the ufc in quest?


I watched one fc or something similar…its weird

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It did the OG justice IMO

King willie will see you now…

How is not clam baked out his mind just for a 5 minute ride?

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