The First Order just does not work or make sense

I’m not even a big Star Wars fan or would I even remotely claim to be a lore expert but everything to me about the First Order does not make sense.

Does anything about that triplet of abortions makes sense?

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Basically, Kathleen Kennedy wanted the goodies to be a ragtag band of ‘Resistance’ renegades fighting against a fascist regime of White Cis-Het Males.

This meant that the defeated remnants of the Empire had to miraculously pull fleets of Star Destroyers and legions of Stormtroopers out of their ass, with the New Republic somehow being completely oblivious.

The idea of the remnant of nazis running off to Argentina, but in space could have been cool.

There’s just a lot of lazy writing that turned that idea into they’re the empire again, and the ragtag rebels must save the day.

Everything about the Disney trilogy is shit.

That needed a half hour deep dive.