The fishing thread

I feel you there. I made a commitment to myself this fall that I would try to get out on the water for a few nice afternoons.

I feel confident this year. Did more scouting that any year prior. I spent a few hundred hours in the woods last year and so I feel good. But public land whitetail ain’t easy. Especially with a job and family etc.

Hopefully I can have two down by mid October. Spend the next few weeks going after grouse and then rifle hunt deer. Skate right into ice fishing.

I just hope some of this work pays off.

Been an off year. Idk if it’s stress or what. But getting a deer and being able to fish the fall bite will help.

Hitting the St Lawrence in 2 weeks. Should be a riot.

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He’s 7. It’s his first year fishing.

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Great time to fish but deer hunting has to take priority. It’s oddly mentally taxing.

I want to do both. But I can’t.

Ain’t that the truth. I absolutely love fishing but I become a different man during deer season. A man possessed.



Congrats man! Genuinely happy for you.

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Thanks. What a rush

Congrats man!

How long did it take to land?

It was only a few minutes. But an amazing few minutes

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siiiick fish. A true trophy on a tough lake. fuck yeah!

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I have an OG meet up tomorrow, if you dont hear from me by end of day, send help…


Did you already establish who is the man or are your plans to let it flow naturally

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Imho, whoever is driving the boat is the ‘man’.

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More like OG meat up

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He’s bigger and better looking, I didnt have much say…

We didnt fish unfortunately. Went for a hike with the dogs and checked out his property. Was amazing.