The fishing thread

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Great company, great day. Now I need to get my ass out of bed in the am so we can find some birds…

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I’m hanging from trees today instead of fishing

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Ya fuck for sure you guys are now gay

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We had guns in our hands if that helps, still gay though.

Was he a 20 or 12 gauge in terms of girth

Quoted wrong post.

He was packing a 20 but I think he was just doing that to make my 410 look bigger, it was cold.

As long as you keep it clean that’s all that really matters

Lots of lube is the key

3.5 days on the larry starting tonight. First shift is tonight 10pm-2am. Should be a hoot lol


Fuckin A.

Make it happen buddy.

Good luck. I hope you guys crush it

Is he a Northern boy?

He is now! Just kidding, he’s a tried and true northern boy. Super good guy and has a beautiful dog that is so sweet. It was a great experience, very thankful we followed through.

The moon was like a spotlight last night.

It is tonight here right now. We are about to launch. So bright. I’ll try to get a pic in a bit

Be safe, good luck

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Right now


You must have been pumped

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