The fishing thread

Thanks buddy

Dude you’re in middle of nowhere Canada. That lake has fish in it. And they likely bite. There’s a reason there’s a whole industry of Canadian fishing outposts. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel compared to areas of the US.
Edit. I’m not knocking you. You’re a hardcore fisherman and I’m jealous as hell of all the time you spend on the water.

Lots of these today. Perch too.

Need a status report from ifish asap.


Actually catching on a crappie jig and a fake waxy on my ultra light. Pretty fun.

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Had one fish come through early, then had one on that I lost at the hole when I was getting my transducer out. There’s a tonne of current so very limited on what we can fish. For safety reasons too. Every else has over a foot of ice, there’s 4” here

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It’s not always like that lol, today is one of those days that’s not. But i’m in a nice spot on a 10km stretch of water without another person on it. I’m in good company and we had a few good laughs.

Fuck ya that looks cold

The wind is the worst part I’m guessing it’s blowing pretty good up there too.

There’s almost no wind thankfully. If it was windy i’d be done. No fucking fish on this barren waste land, but still fun being out here. This was less about fishing and more about hanging out.

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All small fish so far. I could only find one plowed chute and I’m in 18’. I’d prefer 20-22. Should be a solid evening bite window in this moon phase.

with this cold, lock jaw is common.

damn near freezing outside. im watching the 2021 bassmaster in the comfort of my home with the fire place going.

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every time I go up to North Bay I dont want to leave. Really want to leave Canada but also really want to buy a place on Nip (and a place in warm weather, red state USA).


Same here, north bay and the French… don’t think a day goes by that the wife and i don’t mention it… all the red states of interest have something she hates besides me…

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High of 70F today. Florida is great.


Florida is absolutely great and I love it there

But I really dont mind the cold at all and I love ice fishing



When you guys say “nip” are you talking Nipissing or Nipigon?

Nippissing. I may mention Nipigon a few times but don’t know anyone else here that has any ties there.

Thanks. I want to get to both to go after trophy Pike with my sons when they’re a bit older.

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