The fishing thread

I was so rushed. The hike was brutal and not what we anticipated. I think I found the trail my granparents took to school, uphill both ways. Hiking in waders is hell. Should have wet waded, it was warm enough.

Saw some bighorns at least?


Must have been soaked hiking in waders

Looks great! Grew up a huge leaf fan, hated Yzerman. As I got older he became one of my favs.

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supposed to head to smith mountain lake this weekend for some boat time… solid rain in the forecast.

Lightning is the only thing keeping me off the water this weekend. Even then I might just try and work around it.

When this takes red fishing by storm you can say you saw it here first. Goldie Prawn

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That looks great. We have golden shiners here in our big lake, that would be killer. What’s the swimbait?

Is that a bubba special or did you buy an actual blade bait?

Its an actual chatterbait, called an “eye strike”. The mold is a zako(i use it for my bass chatterbaits). Ive had them hit normal chatterbaits and they like gold so here we are. Gonna try it in some brackish water thats pretty stained so it should whack em…well see tomorrow!

Right on buddy, good luck.

I’m going up to see my uncle that has cancer. He’s on chemo and radiation, sick as a dog but he’s insisting on going to a spot where we grew up to have a fire and spend the night.

It’s a 2.5 hour drive for him. He’ll be laying in the back seat of the truck to get there, then sleeping there overnight.


Thats a better way to go through that than some of my family has

Sounds like my kind of guy

He is, you guys would love him.

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One of those days…got on the water late after having to go into work for a bit…i think i blew a seal on my tilt…fished a couple hours and didnt catch shit…wife texted me stressing about the kids…annoying hobo at the boat ramp both times. Oh well

A dying man’s last wish. Toughest guy i’ve ever known.


Not a bad last wish. Good on you for making it possible.

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This hits hard

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Was hard saying bye, never know if it’s the last one.

Had my first beer in 15 years. Was already baked on gummies and only half way through my beer and started feeling buzzed. We had some good laughs, told the same stories we’ve been telling for 50 years and just enjoyed the company.


Sounds like a great day. I’m sure he enjoyed it. And that’s what matters most.

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Took a buddy out today. He’d only ever fished for panfish and the occasional bass of a dock. Caught 10 Northerns. Filleted a few out for him. Hoping he enjoys fresh fish tonight.