The fishing thread

I bought a printer last winter and havent set it up yet

Ender 3 Pro

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Id been wanting one to mess around so i picked an ender 3 for fathers day. Going to do some kayak seat risers and stuff soon

My plan was to use it to make rod handles. But moving to a new house put a damper in those plans.

Lol, I still have yours on the bench, just fuckin sitting there. I will get to it one day soon. I actually am meeting with a financial planner next week and am going to bring up my “business”.

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Having a hard time getting motivated

It works!


That is so cool

I forced a popper bite this morning. The fish werent hammering it but they were biting. Was a cold NE wind, was brutal but happy I got out.

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Nice vin.

I need to set mine up.

i do love fishing whopper ploppers, awsome you got one on you printed yourself!

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Ploppers are definitely fun and easy to fish too. I mean, even vin can throw one

Chunk and wind!

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My man! That fish was on it instantly. I see you guys have the “smoke some weed” birds down there too.

Yeah i dropped it on the first ones head. I was glad to see the 2nd one chase it for more confirmation lol

Nipissing opener was tough, the cold front moved in Saturday that seemed to turn everything off for Sunday, Monday was a nice day. We had a couple follows and managed to boat a 42 inch pike and that was it. My face is level 10 sunburnt though lol.

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went out on the kayak yesterday. two dinks on plastics then five on the spro frog, four of which were good size. cant beat topwater fun.

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Truer words have never been spoken. Most of the time I force a popper bite all day.

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Im trying to learn how to fly fish again.

Im terrible lol

did some catfishing at the boat dock this evening. 6 beers in and zero bites, even with cut skipjack. got rained on and left.

Cant win em all! I havent shore fished in a lot of years. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of it.

Found a rainbow. Rented a cabin for 2 nights so the kids could play in the woods and water. First cast. Caught this guy. 1000 more, 1 more hookup on a rainbow and - couple small suckers.

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