The fishing thread

what scales do you guys use? i got a mlf scale made by brecknell. whatever you do, do not let it get rained on! good news, they have a warranty program. call them and they will give you a email to send a pic of the scale and your receipt for a new scale exchange. bass pro/cabelas can pull up old purchases if you didnt keep it. sent my info in yesterday and they sent it out on the same day.

I actually dont have one. Just one of those things I never bother to get.

I have 4 or 5 but mostly use a rapala tourney scale i guess. Only thing special with it storing for culling. The rest i picked up so i wouldnt have to remember it. One in both boats, kayak, coangler bag. They are cheap amazon ones that work fine

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ive had way better luck with the cheap ones vs high dollar scales.

Fun story. Fishing with Moccaco at his cabin. Fishing is just shit all weekend. He throws a leech out, no action. Pulls it in and finds this perch on the end of his line. Most entertaining fishing moment of the weekend.

Congrats. You are the best fisherman ever! How many people can catch bait with bait?


Florida fishing:

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Come on now, no need to get personal!!

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Ned rigs are great.

When the biggest bass in the lake is 5lbs!


Im lucky if the fish i catch even register on my rapala scale


For a long time I preferred largies just based on style of fishing. Tough to beat flipping largies in the slop, only way for me is topwater smallies.

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I recently got the reddit app because of all the shit posted here that requires it. I only looked at public freakout until I saw a fishing post on my home page and started browsing that too. Wtf is with all these fucking bearded faggots taking pics with their mouth wide open?

I dont understand how a 30+ year old man subscribes to this “trend”.

I’m headed to the Missouri in about eight hours. Probably be fishing Francis Case. Did extremely well there a couple months ago.

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Right on man, have fun! I’m headed up to my home waters with my uncle and cousins this weekend. My uncle is getting radiation an hour from here so he’s getting a ride to my place tomorrow morning and driving up with me, cant wait! This guy is a walking miracle.


What is your uncle’s status with the cancer? Glad to hear he is doing well

great to hear about your uncle iFish.
Ill be back on the Nip in a week for some redemption

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Im going panfishing/gator scouting tomorrow. Pumped for gator season to get here at the end of august

Kept 10,caught a bunch. Some good sizes gills.

Biggest gator we saw was probably 8’. Ill use a tag on that, but thats a good sign that there are bigger. Usually dont see the big ones cruising during the day


Little night ops for trout last night. Caught probably 20-30 but only a few keeper size. Beats flipping in the heat,though


Those nav lights are freakin sweat

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