The fishing thread

I’ve been wondering the same, except the opposite here. Much warmer than normal. Ice out way earlier than most years. I think that will provide for a great early crappie bite but walleye opener could be tougher? Hard to say. Can’t wait to find out.

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We are at least a couple weeks ahead up here. I fish a lake that is always the first to open up. Ice out was april 22-23rd last year and it’s pretty much open now. With any luck, i’ll be out there this weekend.

I think I will get the boat wet this weekend. Run the gas through it. Make sure all the knobs turn and switches flip. Maybe toss around for some crappie if I can find some.

Good luck man, feels good to get out first time.

Did some fishing in Mexico while on vacation the other week


Beautiful fish. How was that down there? I’ve always wanted to try that out. I just end up down in South Padre fishing in the gulf there.